screenshot of Fitbit dashboard on the computer

Screen shot of the Fitbit dashboard as seen from your computer. It lets you see a glimpse of how you are tracking on all your daily goals with your Fitbit Flex.

Technology Tips-Technology Can Lead to Better Health

On the surface this title might sound like an oxymoron considering many are of the opinion that technology in our lives leads to more stress. I would contend it's how you use the technology that determines whether it is a tool or it leads to stress. I recently purchased a Fitbit Flex for a birthday present to myself. Read more.

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The Value of a Travel Advisor

photo of beach in Turks and Caicos

Have you ever spent an entire Saturday morning researching an upcoming family vacation? Do you designate a family member with the responsibility of scouring the self-serve travel web sites looking for the best hotel and airfare deals? After a few hours and several frustrating phone calls your hotel and airfare may be booked, but does this ensure a vacation experience everyone will remember? We’ve all been in this situation, hence the idea for this week’s interview topic – Is there a need for a travel professional in this day of online travel services? Read more.

Top Tech Tools of the Travel Industry

Ever wonder what tools the professionals use, in this installment of Technology Tips, a travel professional reveals some of his favorite technology tools.  Read more.

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit

photo of Mt. Rushmore
In the final installment of the Top 10 Lists, I list the Top 10 Destinations I still want to visit. I welcome your feedback if you have visited any of these and can make recommendations. Read more.