Take Time to "Unplug"

Lisa Niday - Sunday, July 08, 2012

I recently took two of my grandsons, to our cabin in New Mexico for 5 days. What I discovered, is to be sure that you have the kids disengage from technology so they can take advantage of the outdoors and the fun to be discovered there.

We do have a television at our cabin and we definitely watch it, but we have no email or internet available. I think this is just as hard for the adults, as it is for the children. However unplugging does give you the chance to be more in the moment and not worry about things, isn't that what vacation is supposed to be after all?

For kids it gives them the chance to explore the way it was before technology. This means entertaining themselves by playing outside, using their imagination, observing nature or playing games. The video below (although not that good in quality) illustrates the point. We had a hummingbird feeder and the first day, very few hummingbirds came by for their drink. By day two when this video was shot, they were congregating and having wars at the feeder. My 10 year old grandson remarked he could watch them all day. The boys were very entertained watching "real nature". We talked about where the hummingbirds migrated to and how much energy it took. All good facts, but so much more engaging when the hummingbirds were right in front of them. I just want to encourage you to take time to "unplug" and enjoy nature while you are vacationing this summer. If you want to see some photos of scenery and wildlife from the trip go here.

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