Spring Planting

Lisa Niday - Sunday, May 05, 2013
snowy weather photo 

I bet your May 1st didn't look like this. We typically don't plant outdoors until after Mother's Day here in Denver, guess you understand why after seeing our weather on May 1st.

Start Your Seedlings

For those of us in the Rocky Mountain Region, we had snow (4-8 inches) this past week and we have begun to wonder if we will ever see spring. Well I declared spring is here irregardless of the weather outside. It's time to start all the seedlings indoors and then move them out when Mother Nature decides to cooperate. Even my parents in Texas, experienced a hard freeze last week.

Last year I came across a great product to facilitate starting my seedlings, the Burpee Self Watering Seed Starting System. I began my plants indoors, the tomatoes, peppers, peas, etc. This miniature greenhouse was great. The seedlings had all they needed to grow. It required very little watering because of the unique water mat (waters up to 10 days) and it made no mess in the house. 

Burpee growth system

Burpee Grow system enables you to minimize watering and maximize growth with this unique system.

 I saved all the pieces from last year and decided to start my seedlings again this year in the seed starter. Presto, in under a week I had seedlings that were ready to be moved to larger containers. My tomatoes and peppers can stay under the greenhouse for awhile longer to get larger, while I have moved the faster squashes, pumpkins and pea seedlings to bigger pots. I had the grandkids each start some plants, as I think it is helpful for them to learn about gardening.

photo of Squash and Blackeyed Pea plants

The squash and blackeye pea plants were ready to be moved to larger containers in under 2 weeks using the Burpee Grow System.

Early Plants

I sow my early plants, like lettuce and spinach in portable window boxes. This way I can move them in and out if we have a cold night (which we still are) but I can begin to get the plants growing during the warm days. My goal is to eventually build some cold frames to enable this process to work even more seamlessly.

photo of window box with Spinach plants

The spinach is just sprouting, but because of our cold weather I still need to bring it inside the garage at night.

Let me know what you are growing and any helpful tips you might have as well.

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