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When "Old" is New-Vintage is In

- Wednesday, April 07, 2010
Classic Airstream Motorhome

If you are a viewer of early morning TV you might have seen the snipit  on the Today Show on NBC about Airstream vintage trailers that are owned by some of your favorite personalities.  It seems Matthew  McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Sean Pean, Pamela Anderson and Denzel Washington and others have discovered what I have known for years. RV's really are a home away from home.  This is not  new information to those of us who have used RV's for years.

My personal choice is the motorhome (see the Green Hornet, as I affectionately call it above), as it lends itself more to our way of traveling and camping, but it is still an RV with the basic principle of traveling with your home.

Would an RV work for you? What kind of RV might work?  Simply put, you have to qualify your own personal use.  Do you go to a location and stay for several days/nights?  Do you stay 2-3 days and move on?  It's really that simple.  Our travel and camping usually is over  3-4 days, so we headquarter in the motorhome and make lots of  sidetrips to see the interesting sights in an area. On the other hand, I have friends who may go and spend weeks at one location  because they don't like to move the camp, this is better suited to the trailers or 5th wheels. There is no wrong choice here, so enjoy.

In a more practical vein, there are many owners of pickup trucks in West Texas, so a natural choice is a pull trailer or fifth wheel for camping.  Cost is a part of the equation as well.  If you already have the pickup, there is less cost involved in buying a trailer or fifth wheel initially.  Your age and time of life makes some difference too.

At my stage of life, the motorhome is  the best choice for my  wife and I.  Having a Classic Airstream just appealed to us, but there are many choices in motorhomes that might be better for you and your family.  Just remember, motorhomes are made for two, count 'em two people.  Trust me, anything more than two is an overload and only temporary at best.

Now before you start writing to tell me how many  your motorhome will sleep, I am aware of this, but you have more enjoyment with two.  Even our chocolate Lab is an overload at times.  And yes, we have camped with our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids on a temporary basis.  Great memories involved with that.

Okay this is where the daughter gets to once again assert editorial privilege. I would contend we have had both travel trailers and motorhomes and it was not until my parents finally got an empty nest that they were the only ones in these RV's. It didn't matter if we had a trailer or motorhome there was as much room or more so, than if we had all been in one hotel room or God forbid a tent. What I think he should have said is that if you plan to stay full time or for months at a time, that anything over than 2 can seem crowded, but trust me it's not impossible. My parents certainly didn't think it was torture when we spent 6 weeks together one summer (or maybe that's why I needed therapy). I knew my parents had good taste but who knew they could still be cutting edge. I digress and will return to the original author.

I am convinced we are RV'ing in very good company, it appears that Vintage Airstream is "in".  Makes me feel good to know some of my favorite actors enjoy the same things I do about the RV lifestyle.  Trouble is, I really think RV'ing and the lifestyle is really more addictive than I first realized in in 1969 when we first became acquainted with it as a family.  Yep, it has changed over the years, and we have too, but it still is a great way to go!

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