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PBR Championship Sunday

Lisa Niday - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Today's line up featured all 40 riders completing a round of rides and then the top 15 riders in the average would move on to a championship round to face the top 15 bulls of the week. The championship was still up for grabs with about 2000 points separating Brazilians, Valdiron de Oliveira and Silvano Alves. In this round it was most important for some riders to get a ride to keep their chances for the championship round alive, for others it was redemption to walk away from the finals with at least one qualified ride and for others it was contention for winning the PBR Finals, which pays some $250,000 to the winner.

In the end the day belonged to the Brazilians. Robson Palermo was able to ride King of Hearts for 93.25 to collect the $250,000 winning check making his total for the week, $301,375. Silvano Alves was able to maintain his lead over Valdiron de Olivera by riding Yellow Jacket Jr. in the championship round for a score of 92.25 points, thus ensuring his 2011 PBR Championship and his 1.4 million dollar Finals. He finished 3rd in the Finals average posting, with 434.5 points. Silvano becomes the first man to win the PBR championship just one year after being the Rookie of the Year.

Other noteworthy performances included Caleb Sanderson who was able to finish the week, having covered all but one bull thus netting him 2nd place in the PBR Finals with a score of 440.75 and earning him $182,375 for the week.

Bull of the year honors went to Bushwacker who scored 47.50 out of 50 points and bucked off an injured JB Mauney in the championship round.

Jeff Robinson repeated as Stock Contractor of the Year.

 Rubens Barbosa, finished 4th in the finals average, was able to clench Rookie of the Year honors with his performance at the Finals and earn $209,799. Rookie of the Year, is based off of total earnings throughout the 2011 season. Elton Cide had been leading this race coming into the finals, but Barbosa was able to best him with his performances here in Las Vegas.

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