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PBR Finals Round 2

Lisa Niday - Friday, October 28, 2011

If the first night belonged to the bulls then last night the riders came back in spades. We had over half of the riders make the eight seconds. We also have a tie for the average, both Caleb Sanderson (Florida cowboy) and Rubens Barbosa (Brazil) have 176 points having covered all their bulls thus far. Valdiron Oliveira (Brazil) who led the race for the 2011 Champion for over half the season, returned to his form winning the round with 90.75 score. He currently is second to his team mate from Brazil, Silvano Alves. Although Silvano was able to get a qualified ride, Valdiron will pick up bonus points for the round win, thus closing the gap between he and Alves for the PBR championship.

I shared a fan favorite, Ben Jones of Australia's ride from last night below. The fans love Ben not only because he is one of the toughest cowboys but he dances for the crowd when he rides. Check it out. Dancing with the Stars, eat your heart out.

Other videos are posted here from round 2-Cord McCoy, 2-time participant in the Amazing Race scored 84.25 on Willie Wilco. Chris Shivers, 2 time world champion, posted 88.25 on Cooper Tires Wild n Out. Australian, Brendon Clark, posted 85 points on Filmore Heat. Luke Snyder hung on to Chocolate Thunder for 81.75 but it was a qualified ride.

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