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PBR Finals Round 3

Lisa Niday - Saturday, October 29, 2011

Round 1 belonged to the bulls and the riders evened it up by day 2 with almost half of the riders obtaining a qualified score. Well when the bulls get even, it's rough on the riders. Last night was the pen of the rankest bulls, according to PBR Livestock Director, Cody Lambert. It certainly showed in the scores with only 10 riders having a qualified ride.

PBR is about more than just the bull riding. I've included a video, last night's theme was the Pirates of the PBR. The story line was to see them conquer Bushwacker, a candidate for bull of the year. Not only do you see great bull riding when you attend, but you also have some great family entertainment complete with pyrotechnics and light show as the video displays. The PBR entertainer, Flint Rasmussen, also keeps fans entertained between bull rides.  I would encourage you to check this out by attending a live event.

The other part of the PBR is of course, the bulls. The fan club was treated to a bull housing tour. You can check out some bull photos from Chad Berger's pen here. Chad is a three time PBR stock contractor of the year. We have taken a couple of these tours before and I must say that over 200 fans came out and it seemed like it was a little too many for the number of contractors participating. Hopefully next year this will be better. It offers the fan a great opportunity to talk with the stock contractors and find out more about the bulls. The contractors travel with the bulls particular feed mix to ensure they perform at their best, is one of the interesting facts you can learn at these events.

Smackdown, shown here, one of Chad Berger's bulls, was the bull that Douglas Ferreira, won round 3 on by scoring 91.

Video of Caleb Sanderson, the event leader with 260.75 points ride. Thus far Caleb and JB Mauney are the only bull riders to cover all of their bulls at the finals.

I should also mention, JB (shown here in round 3 ride) broke his tailbone on Wednesday night at the Finals, but is still riding and has managed to cover all of his bulls, although injured. This is what makes this sport exceptional. Even though he only scored 73.75 and was given a reride option, he opted to take the score,  as this puts him in good position to get a large check for the average payout.

Video of Cord McCoy, trying to get a qualified ride on Bushwacker, unridden in the Built Ford Tough Series this season. It's easy to see why this bull is at the top of the leader board for bull of the year, as he posted at 48.5 score out of 50 last night.

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