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PBR Finals Round 4

Lisa Niday - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Once again I think the bulls have triumphed over the riders in this round. We had only 13 qualified rides out of the 40. However, of the 10 that rode some very important rides occurred. Event leader, Caleb Sanderson rode Big Stink for 87.50 bringing his event leading score to 348.25 points, but a host of other Brazilians are on his heels. Rubens Barbosa (264.75 after posting an 88.75 on Motown Magic; Guilherme Marchi turning in a 90 point ride on Sancho, 2nd in the round, brought his event total to 264.50; and Robson Palermo posted an 88 on White Velvet to bring his event total to 263.25 points.

In the race for the overall PBR championship, Valdiron de Oliveira was able to post 86.75 on Sue to ensure he still stayed in the race for the championship. Current leader for the PBR championship, Silvano Alves was able to cover his bull although with a score of 87.25 and bring his event total 254 points.

JB Mauney was drew Train Wreck, a bull which had fallen on him last year in the PBR finals. Who would have thought the same thing would happen again. It did and JB drew a reride but was unable to get a score, bringing his event total to 247 points.

The round 4 winner was Stormy Wing which 90.25 points on Delco to take the round 4 win and the $25,000 check. All this is shaping up for a great championship Sunday.

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