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iPhone Apps

Lisa Niday - Thursday, February 04, 2010

I wanted to pass along a couple of IPhone Apps that I have discovered recently that I thought might be of interest.

The first of these called, CloseCall. This app lets you set up your ICE (in case of emergency) in a rather unique way. You can enter your phone numbers and then you can choose a photo from your library or from your camera to have the ICE posted on top of the photo. You then save it as wallpaper and it displays on your phone. You don't have to worry about your phone being locked, it displays the ICE information on the screen even though the phone is locked. It has an extra line to list additional numbers or allergies or other pertinent information. It's a free app. (See screen shot, below)

CloseCall Screenshot
CloseCall's ICE (In case of Emergency) is a must have in my opinion. You can put your photo and contact information, plus other pertinent information.

Yelp won't save your life, but it is really handy. It uses your location and gives you nearby restuarants, complete with ratings, price ranges, directions, address and phone number. It also has categories for bars, coffe & tea, banks, gas and service stations, drugstores, and sales. This is another free app. I tried it out on a recent trip and found it really helpful while traveling in unfamiliar cities.

goPostal is another convenience application but a really great one. Ever go on a trip and send postcards back home? Well this app let's you take a photo or select a photo and then send this customized postcard to addresses in your phone. The price of $1.29 to send the physical postcard includes the postage and price of the customized card and your message. What a great souvenir to send to those back home. For those of you without an iPhone you can also create a postcard online.

Cardreader is another great business app for the iPhone. You take a picture of a business card and it converts it into a contact for your iPhone. No more hand entering business cards or scanning them with pricey card scanners. The app cost $5.99 but I found it to be very reliable and a great timesaver.

Finally, for those of you trying to keep to New Year's resolutions to be more fit or lose weight, LoseIt! is a great free app. It has everything you could want. I have personally in the past done a food journal and found it to be quite useful. This has everything in one place. Set goals and establish a daily calorie budget, stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise, enter food and exercise easily using a searchable database, join together with friends for additional support and motivation and monitor your progress with detailed reports and metrics. I have included several screen shots below.

Loseit Screen shot
Daily calorie listing by meals in LoseIt.

Nutrition readings from LoseIt app
You can also find a listing of the nutrients in LoseIt! Really helpful if you are counting carbohydrates or concerned with fat intake.
Listings of foods from LoseIt iPhone app
Great selection of preprogrammed foods to choose from broken out by restaurant, supermarket brand names and general food listings in LoseIt!
screenshot of online version of LoseIt
Screenshot from the online interface of LoseIt!
I hope these ideas give you some great new productivity and helpful apps. Feel free to send me your favorites as well.

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