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New Useful iPhone Apps

Lisa Niday - Saturday, April 03, 2010

For those of you using the iPhone you realize it is so much more than a phone. The apps certainly make it more powerful and many of these are free. I've got a few new ones to share with you and hope you will find these as helpful as I have.

MapQuest® for Mobile (see screen shot below) is one of my new favorites. If you have ever used MapQuest to get directions you will be right at home, plus experience some other bells and whistles. I have a nav system but I don't always carry it with me (it's really my husband's and he gets lost very easy). This is my replacement for a nav system. Voice Guidance speaks to you so you get a virtual hands-free experience, however you can change this to a sound prompt if you don't like the voice. You can have it find you, using your iPhone GPS to locate you. It has a pedestrian mode which is great in big cities. You can automatically save maps and directions from the website to your iPhone. Even if you have a nav system, sometimes it is helpful to verify directions and at the price of FREE how can you miss.

screen shot from Map Quest iPhone app
MapQuest for Mobile can give you voice guidance directions on your iPhone.
Southwest Airlines
-For any road warrior or a traveler on Southwest this is a God send. Need to check in for a flight, just get your iPhone out. Need to check your flight status, reach for the iPhone. Book a flight, no problem. I find myself checking in online all the time (set a 24 hour reminder on your calendar) and I don't have to worry about where I am, I just pop out the phone. Fantastic app! I have included several screen shots below.
screenshots from Southwest Airlines iPhone app

Sample screen shots from Southwest Airlines iPhone app Mobile
-I covered back in September of 2009 but in case you missed it here's a link. The iPhone version enables you to see and print your files and take photos and convert to PDF files. Nice add on if you are using the services. If you aren't using the free services, I don't know why not, the storage alone is a life saver.

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro Mobile-this app enables you to attend an Adobe Connect meeting from your iPhone (see screenshot below). Connect Now is a part of the free services on which enables up to 3 people to be in a video conference sharing a computer screen presentation. The mobile app enables you to see the screen presentation and to use text chat and video. I personally attend lots of meetings and this enables me to be able to view the presentation and be a more a part of the meeting while I'm on the go. If you want to see a video presentation of how this works, go here and then look for the "mobile section" and "see it in action".
Screenshot from Adobe Connect Mobile iPhone app

I know that not everyone may find these apps referenced as "must haves" but for those who are business users you may find some helpful apps. To download any of the apps go to the iTunes Store.

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