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Postagram-A New Take on Postcards

Lisa Niday - Sunday, December 09, 2012

In the old days when people traveled they sent their loved ones a post card from their vacation location. I liken this to "my grandma went to Hawaii and all she brought me was this t-shirt", kind of a reminder you're not at that great destination and most likely are "slaving away" back home. Now the positive spin is they were at least thinking of you on vacation. Technology has once again intervened and really added a great new spin to the old way to let others know about your vacation.

When we recently went to Hawaii, I tried out Postagram. It's an app for your smart phone (ios or Android, iPod touch or iPad). I noticed they even will allow you to do it from the web. You take a photo from your phone or camera, Facebook or Instagram and then it creates a postcard which you personalize and send to your friends back home. I tried it and I loved getting a note when they received the card and the time it took was fantastic. In 3 days my first card was received, much faster than if I had sent one from Hawaii and this one was personalized with our photo and message. I took advantage of the offer for first time users and got the first 5 free, but at a $1.00 this is a steal. The Postagram is a nice laminated card stock photo and what's even nicer, is the photo is perforated so they can take out the photo and keep it.

back side of Postagram
Photo of  front side of Postagram. It includes your pop out photo and message.

It's a nice way to just send all those grandmas and grandpas recent photos from time to time and update on special events they couldn't attend. This eliminates the "you never print any photos out" complaint as well.

I took a photo of the follow up card they sent me to show you the quality.

 front side of Postagram

Back side of Postagram.

The same company, Sincerely now has an app to do greeting cards as well. I love it when technology gives us something better than we had in the past. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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