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My Top 10 Destinations I Still Need to Visit

Lisa Niday - Saturday, June 22, 2013

Depending on how much you have traveled and where you have traveled your list could vary wildly from mine. I think it's helpful to make a list and try and cross off one destination each year.

10. Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard

Not being from the east, I have spent far more time on the west coast. I often hear people talk romantically about this area, so I think I need to check it out for myself.  I would love to hear some favorite places to go in this area.

9. Branson, Missouri

Probably not the most glamorous location, but I have had lots of people that have loved going to Branson. If you like some of the older music, I think this has it allure.

8. Appalachians

Another of the back east locations, I have yet to see.

7. Wildflowers in bloom in Colorado Mountains

I love flowers and have seen beautiful photographs and want to see it in person, maybe this year.

6. Costa Rica

I have been to Panama and several have said Costa Rica is great as well. I had intentions on going there on my next trip to Panama, but haven't been back to Panama.

5. Galapagos Island

Another of the unspoiled natural spaces and since I have loved others I think why not see this one too?

4. Mt. Rushmore

It's hard to believe in all my travels, I have never been here. I would really like to make it a point to go to all the National Parks.

photo of Mt. Rushmore

3. Polynesia

I'm a beach girl at heart and my husband tells me this is one of the finest he has ever seen.

2. New Zealand

This has long been on my list. I want to see both Australia and New Zealand but just haven't had the month or so I feel it demands.

1. Australia

I have had so many friends go here and the descriptions are so wonderful, I must see this myself.

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