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Top 10 Places I Want to Go

Lisa Niday - Monday, June 10, 2013

By: David Michael Hallett

Now that we have listed our favorite destinations, it's time to move on to where we want to go. Once again the grandsons and I did this together. The following is from my 12-year-old grandson, David Michael. 

10. Africa

I think this would be a great learning experience and, if price was not an object, do some hunting. Sadly I won't be coming up with $100,000 any time soon, but I would love to go there and take some pictures of the wildlife.

9. Florida

I have heard lots of great things about Florida. With beaches and several amusement parks from Disney World to Universal Studios, I figure what's not to like.

8. Ireland

Due to the fact I am part Irish, I wonder what it is like.

7. Seattle

There are lots of places in Seattle I want to visit. From Pikes Market to the Boeing Museum of Flight, all the way up to the Space Needle and back down to the home of the Seattle Seahawks, Century Link Field, I can hardly wait. I am going to Seattle later in the month, it will be fun. I am excited to see the water and eat all the fresh seafood and berries. My only regret is we did not plan this trip sooner. No time for me to get a passport, so I can't go into British Colombia, Canada. Too bad could have killed two birds with one stone, well maybe next time.

ferry entering Friday Harbor

This is a picture of the ferry entering Friday Harbor on Bainbridge Island. David Michael will be going on the ferry to Bremerton. Photo courtesy of: San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau.

6. Europe

This has a wide variety of places I would like to go, but have yet to come up with one specific place to see.

5. Yellowstone National Park

I love camping, fishing and the outdoors. This is the ideal place to enjoy all of it: Old Faithful, thousands of trees, lakes, mountains and wildlife.

4. Alaska

This place must be amazing from what I've heard. Lots of wildlife, hunting, and fishing, I think this trip would be incredible.

picture of Glacier Bay National Park

The scale of the glaciers in Glacier National Park is brought to light when you see the boat in the foreground and it appears as a tiny speck.

3. British Colombia

I have always wanted to go to Canada. After doing some research, I think this would be the best place for me to go. They have lots of hunting with moose and cougar, as well as a ton of other animals. A place with lots sights to see, I can't wait. 

2. Australia  

The land down under with several sights and all kinds of wildlife, I am hoping to go.

1. Hawaii

I am told this place is very  beautiful. Fish, beaches and sun, I think it will be very fun.
picture of NaPali Coast
NaPali Coast is but one of the beautiful sights in Hawaii that David Michael has yet to explore.
From the eyes of a preteen, you can see he has some high travel aspirations. Tell us where you want to go or maybe you have been to one of David Michael's wish list and can offer advice on where to go.

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