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Top 10 Places My Eleven Year Old Grandson Wants to Visit

Lisa Niday - Thursday, June 20, 2013

In the last of the grandson's top 10 lists, Wyatt lists the top 10 places he wants to visit. Many of you may have grandkids who want to visit these same destinations or perhaps you could share your list with us. 

10. Seattle

I'm sure he has heard his mother and grandmother talk fondly about Seattle. His brother is going soon and hopefully will only entice him more to want to visit. For information on what to see and do in Seattle check out our post.

9. Yellowstone National Park

I went when I was about his age and it was definitely memorable. I would go again, maybe I'll have to plan a trip.

8. Western Canada and Alaska

I am pretty sure I have influenced this choice and hopefully will get to take all the grandchildren on a trip to see this magnificent sights in both Canada and Alaska. I think everyone should see the unspoiled land of Alaska.

7. Fun Valley-South Fork, Colorado

Wyatt has heard almost everyone in our family talk about Fun Valley and definitely a place I want to take all the grandkids.

6. Universal Studios

I'm not sure if movie making is in his future or if he's interested in the rides.

5. Grand Canyon

Just like Yellowstone, a natural wonder not to be missed.

4. Alcatraz

I've been to Alcatraz and it was probably the coldest place I have visited. 

3. Australia

Also tops on my list to visit.

2. Washington, DC

Definitely worth a week of your life.

1. Europe

I certainly am glad I went to Europe a couple of times and would highly recommend this destination. I feel it is really a good college experience, some of the stateside locations are better as kids are younger.

One thing I think you can do with the grandkids is to have them research the areas they want to visit. As trip times near, it allows them to be more invested in the trip and to be prepared for the trip. We would love to hear where you want to travel.

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