About Us

Babybmrs.com strives to serve the needs of those who are age 50 and above. We realize this is a diverse group, some more comfortable in traditional printed publishing. We strive to provide content and features, tips and techniques that will either entertain or inform our readers. Whether you are looking to travel, garden, plan for retirement, or be more healthy, we have something for most everyone. If we have missed an area you would like to have covered, let us know.

Babybmrs.com is published by Desktop Concepts, Inc. We have been in business since 1987. Most of those years we were involved in traditional print publishing. We took a bit of a hiatus from day to day operations, when our principal, Lisa Niday (formerly Forrester) left the business for full time employment with Adobe Systems. For the past 3 years, we have published a website (starnewspub.com) serving 5 small Texas communities and found that most of the followers fell into the 50+ age bracket so why not focus entirely on this age group. Thus the birth of Babybmrs.com. Since Lisa is in this age range, the topics are of interest so why not explore them as a publishing venture?

Lisa brings experience from daily newspaper operations coupled with thirteen years experience from Adobe Systems, Inc., helping clients implement publishing workflows. Lisa has published both newspapers and magazines catering to the specific interests of the reader. She is no stranger to the business world either, having run a design firm for 12 years.

We hope you enjoy spending some of your time with us. Let us know how we can better serve you, contact us here.