Lisa Niday, Publisher, www.babybmrs.com

Frequent writer for: Technology, Travel and Health

Lisa Niday has been involved in the publishing industry for the past 30 years, including positions in sales, art direction, sales management, and as a publisher in the newspaper, magazine and design industries. She has been a consultant, trainer and instructor in desktop publishing, prepress and design at corporations, resellers and higher education institutions. In the past 13 years she has been with Adobe Systems Inc., Lisa has worked as application engineer, team leader, technical resources manager, business development manager, and most recently as a Product Specialist for the channel. With a degree in Business Communications, she has used her verbal skills and excels at speaking at industry conferences on Adobe technology in publishing, although never forgetting her roots in the traditional publishing industry. She brings this special skill set to our online community by helping us look and explore new ways to bring value to the 50+ community. She will be editing and contributing to several columns and blogs as well.

Mike Prosser
RV Columnist

K. Michael Prosser began writing "At The Wheel" while attending Amarillo College in 1957. Formal education continued at WTSU in Canyon,Tx and later Teacher Training Courses at Texas A'M. He later earned Automotive ME Degree and was an Instructor in Automotive Technology at Amarillo College for five years. In addition to instruction Mr. Prosser wrote the Syllabus for the 21 month Journeyman Automobile Technician Course. One of Mr. Prosser's standing room only classes was "Under The Hood For Ladies." A class for women to learn about simple preventive maintenance on their auto. Upon leaving Amarillo College Mr. Prosser went to Texas State Technology Institute, Amarillo Campus, and Instructed Automotive Technology there.

As an Automotive Consultant, Mr. Prosser has given testimony in various court cases, involving the technical aspects of cars, trucks, and equipment. Having attended many hours of classes from General Motors Corp., Chrysler Motors Corp., and Ford Motor Co. Mr. Prosser brings over 50 years automotive experience to the table, and breaks down the complicated into simple laymen's terms. A true "Car Guy."

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