Teach Your Grandchildren about Investing

Lisa Niday - Sunday, March 10, 2013

As baby boomers most of us are involved in investing in some form, whether we are currently enjoying retirement or are preparing for retirement, our age group probably focuses more on this topic than others. I was reminded recently why we as boomers should be passing this very valuable knowledge to our children and grandkids. My grandson, who is 12,  spent a weekend with me and asked about the stock market. Inquiring "What is this company Dow they talk about every night on the news?" Read more

Take Time to "Unplug"

Lisa Niday - Sunday, July 08, 2012

I recently took two of my grandsons, to our cabin in New Mexico for 5 days. What I discovered, is to be sure that you have the kids disengage from technology so they can take advantage of the outdoors and the fun to be discovered there. Read more

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