Technology Can Benefit Your Health

Lisa Niday - Saturday, July 13, 2013

On the surface this title might sound like an oxymoron considering many are of the opinion that technology in our lives leads to more stress. I would contend it's how you use the technology that determines whether it is a tool or it leads to stress. I recently purchased a Fitbit Flex for a birthday present to myself. A good friend of mine had tried the Fitbit and the Jawbone Up and I was in the market to purchase a tracker so I benefitted from his testing and then bought a Fitbit Flex. He had the Fitbit and put it in his pocket, although he indicated he had lost a couple and liked his Jawbone because you wore it on your wrist. I waited for the Fitbit Flex which puts the Fitbit into a wrist bracelet to get the best of both worlds in my opinion. Read more

Stroke-Know the Signs

Lisa Niday - Saturday, February 18, 2012

 Stroke-It Can Happen Any Time to Anyone Read more