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Some of My Favorite iPhone Apps

Lisa Niday - Monday, August 10, 2009

This will be a little like Julie Andrews telling of "her favorite things", these are my favorite iPhone apps that are not included with the iPhone but downloaded for free or purchased. I use many of the standards that are included and would rate them as favorites as well. (I covered these here. You'll find a brief paragraph about what I find useful and a screen shot from the iTunes store to the app so you know what to search under. These are in no particular order so don't read anything into their position in the story as to their importance as an app. Note most apps have updates and your Apps icon on your phone will alert you when you have updates, it won't matter if they are free or paid apps. Expect updates each time we have new OS and I always find they give us some new features then.

Trip Cubby, 4.99 (on sale now, Figure 1, below)-This app is a must have for anyone who is required to keep mileage for work, claim mileage on your taxes or retirees who itemize medical expenses and need to keep track of your medical mileage. Let's face it how many of us leave home without our phone. Not many in this day and time, therefore you always have your mileage log with you. Contrast this to how many of us wrote our mileage down on slips of paper only to find you threw them out later (usually you discover this at expense time or income tax season).  This app allows you to enter and categorize the mileage and sort and email it as an excel file. It has areas for other expenses but I use it primarily for mileage. They also make several versions which are free if you don't require this much info and just want to keep mileage for gas and/or maintenance.

trip cubby

Grocery IQ (.99 Figure 2, below)-This qualifies as my favorite personal app (not that this will influence you). This app allows you to select items to create your grocery list. I find this really helpful because I typically shop at 3 or more stores and then I can keep a running list and whenever I'm in the store I can simply check my list. Now they have come out with an update which allows you to keep this by store (I can hardly wait). I must also admit how many times have you made the list to find out you forgot it or dropped it, once again we keep our phones with us. Oh and did I mention you can email the list, in case you want to send someone else to the store. For those of you really structured you can even use it to plan your aisle shopping in a store (that's too much for me).

grocery iQ

iFirstAid (free, Figure 3, below)-Okay I haven't had a chance to use this yet (knock on wood), but I downloaded it and went through it because it gives written and picture instructions on first aid and resuscitation. Although I probably know most of it, who doesn't want a back up if you are ever in this situation and for those of you with teenagers this could truly be a lifesaver for them.


Games (free, Figures 4 and 5)-For those of you who use your phone to pass time away while you are waiting in line or waiting at a doctor's there are plenty of free games. I personally am a fan of Sudoku and PacMan. Most of these come in a free version and a paid one for those who really love their games. I have to say there are times this has come in handy with the grandkids to occupy them while we are waiting.

Suduko app

PacMan app screenshot

Google (free Figure 6, below)-Very handy if you need to look something up on the go.

Google app screenshot

Tripit (free Figure 7, below)-This would qualify as my favorite business app, but Trip Cubby is a close second. I love this app, but then I'm a road warrior. For anyone who travels it is wonderful. You simply download the app and sign up at their website, Then you can email any itinerary in any form to and guess what it then shows in your app or you can have your calendar subscribe to this. Very handy as it gives all information like confirmation numbers, seat numbers, etc. You can even have a calendar feed go out to others if you like. You can also set up shared trips so everyone can see each other's plans.

Tripit App screenshot

YellowPages (free Figure 8, below )-This app allows you to find search the yellow pages for business information. My mom uses this a ton! Besides you can stop carrying around the hard copy that you have spilled so much coke on you can't even open the pages any longer.

Yellow Pages App screenshot

I find the Apps below are much better to use than trying to load the website on your phone so that's why I downloaded them. You can check through the iTunes store under search as many other companies are doing Apps as well.

Fedex Mobile (free Figure 9, below)-This is great because you can find out all the fedex information like where's the location and the hours right from your phone, complete a shipping bill and track packages.

Fedx App Screenshot

DirectTV (free Figure 10, below) -This will only be valuable if you are a DirectTV subscriber, but it allows you to login and set up something to TIVO or record to your DVR directly from your phone. Very helpful if you forget to set something up before you leave home on a trip.

DirecTV app screenshot

Etrade Mobile Pro (free Figure 11, below)-Also helpful if you are an E-trade user, this allows you to access your account from the phone.

etrade app screenshot

Facebook (free Figure 12, below)-For all you Facebook junkies it allows you to login to your Facebook account and keep up with the latest posts.

Face Book app screenshot

Let me know some of your favorite apps or share in the comments section below the article, your favorite apps with other readers.

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