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Las Vegas in Pictures

Lisa Niday - Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have done several articles from Vegas so this one is more a show than tell article. If you want a little more tell check out these previous posts (past views from Bellagio). Art takes many forms and one of my favorite forms is going over to the Bellagio and walking through the Conservatory. I fully believe those who design the "art" displayed here are as much artisans as Van Gough or Monet. Check out the photo album for complete images and I've included a couple of videos here as well.  Read more

Las Vegas Revisited

Lisa Niday - Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can anyone ever tire of Las Vegas? Well yes but Las Vegas at Christmas is another treat altogether. I happen to be here this week for work so thought I would share some of the color and experiences, just to add a bit more on Las Vegas.
photo of sunrise in Las Vegas
Sunrise in Las Vegas looking out from Aria. Read more

Las Vegas

Lisa Niday - Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'll be spending the week here in Las Vegas so you'll probably wish that what went on in Vegas, stayed here by the end of the week. I must say that there are two cities when you step off the plane I feel distinct feelings. Las Vegas, gives me the sense of energy and excitement the moment you step off the plane. I know many people think that's New York, but I never fly into New York but areas around New York, and secondly I just don't get that feeling from the city. I love to visit New York for the theatre and some baseball but outside of that, it's not my city, maybe it's my southern upbringing. Read more

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