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Top 10 Places I Have Been from a 10-year old's Perspective

Lisa Niday - Thursday, May 23, 2013

To continue our "Top 10 places that I Have Been" theme, this article is from my 10-year old grandsons, Wyatt's, perspective. Although he has been most of the places his brother has gone, he had a few different top locations. It appears he is a Colorado boy through and through. We are curious to hear your top 10 places too.

Wyatt's Top Ten Places He Has Been

10. Four Mile Historical Park-Denver, Colorado

Wyatt: The Four Mile Historical Park is a hop, skip and jump into history. It is the only place where it takes a few steps to learn about something in history.

Lisa: Wyatt managed to stump me three times in his historical list, by having visited 3 places in Colorado that I have missed. I guess it goes to show that sometimes you fail to take advantage of what's in your backyard. I will have to get out more. A good lesson for parents or grandparents, it doesn't have to be a big, long trip to impress kids.

9. The Pacific Ocean 

Wyatt: The Pacific Ocean is a great place to take your kids, whether they ride the waves or build sand castles, any kid will have fun.

Lisa: I certainly concur, nothing beats a day at the beach. The Pacific Ocean seems to be a little warmer than the Atlantic, but to be fair, he hasn't been to the Atlantic Ocean.

Wyatt after a successful wave ride in the Pacific around Carlsbad, CA.

8. Denver Acquarium-Denver, Colorado

Wyatt: The downtown aquarium is really interactive and enjoyable for any age. You can enjoy the petting and feeding of stingrays or just eat in the underwater diner. It is really a fun place.

Lisa: This is one I haven't gone to, but his mother never misses an aquarium so it's good to see she is carrying this tradition with her children. We will have to try this out.

7. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Wyatt: The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a fun and great place with an imax theatre to enhance your experience. The museum has interactive demonstrations and is very educational in a fun way.

Lisa: I have gone to several special exhibits here at the museum and helped chaperone his brother's field trip here when he was younger.

David Michael at the Museum of Nature and Science.

6. Coney Island-Bailey, Colorado

Wyatt: Coney Island is basically a hot dog shaped restaurant. The food is great and kids of all ages will love it.

Lisa: This was a new one for me. I will have to make a trip there.

5. San Diego Zoo 

Wyatt: The San Diego Zoo is a huge zoo with a range of wildlife from around the globe. It is great and the whole family will love it.

Lisa: The zoo will take a complete day so plan accordingly. If you want to take your time you might want to plan two days. We broke up part of the zoo walking, by using the tram.

The pandas are a major attraction and you may have to wait in line, so try and see them early.

4. Knotts Berry Farm, Anaheim, California

Wyatt: Knotts Berry Farm is almost like a blast from the past amusement park. Lots of fun and an old roller coaster. I would recommend it for 2nd-8th graders.

Lisa: Unlike Disneyland you can't bring in food, but the admission is much less than Disneyland. 

The horseshoe demonstration was quite interesting.

3. Disneyland-Los Angeles, California

Wyatt: Everyone has heard about "the happiest place on earth", so not much explanation is needed. It is great fun for all ages.

Lisa: I've never met a child or adult who didn't like Disneyland.

David Michael and Wyatt at California Adventure, which we also did when we went to Disneyland. 

2. Natural Bridge Caverns-San Antonio, Texas

Wyatt: The caverns in Texas is such a fun place to go and is so exciting to see what amazing things are created in nature.

Lisa: We did this when we visited the wildlife ranch and found both to be a reprieve from walking and from the extreme heat. It offered a a completely diverse experience from Sea World and Fiesta Texas. 

A shot inside the Natural Bridge Caverns.

1. Aspen, Colorado

Wyatt: Aspen is so glorious in July. The air is so fresh and sweet. On the fourth, you can witness the best fireworks show ever!!!!

Lisa: I have never been to Aspen over the fourth so I can't comment on the fireworks but went to Aspen a number of years ago, so perhaps this has inspired me to go again.

The next column will feature my top 10 places I have visited.

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